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Butterflies and Sunflowers

Lotus and



Cultural Studies

Extra-curricular Activities

Imagine a school...

where children are surrounded by loving, caring adults who relish in their milestones and successes;

where education is hands-on, stimulating and rich; and where children are nurtured to grow

and develop into exactly who they were born to be.

Imagine a school...

where families from around the neighborhood and around the world learn from each other and celebrate their diversity; where sharing and caring is at the heart of its culture.

Imagine a school...

that teaches and promotes peace with adults as the child's first model for peace,

and with virtues education and grace and courtesy lessons.

Imagine a school...

that educates the whole child, heart and mind, and assists in their intrinsic desire

for independence, freedom and knowledge.

This is International Montessori Academy,

and we enthusiastically invite you to learn more about our programs and offerings below.

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